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Dr. Jerry Bock, of Cityview Dental Arts, is a trusted general and cosmetic dentist providing patients in the Bucktown and Wicker Park areas of Chicago with dental implant restoration services. Dr. Bock takes a conservative approach to dentistry and aims to preserve dental implants or replace them as needed when they become damaged or loose. If you’d like to learn more about the dental implant restoration services offered at Cityview Dental Arts, call the office or book an appointment online.

Dental Implants Q & A

What is an implant restoration?

Implant restoration uses special techniques to restore dental implants that may have become loose or damaged.

What causes dental implants to require restoration?

Although dental implants are made of extremely durable materials, they can still become damaged, especially if they’re not properly cared for.

The prosthetic tooth may become chipped, cracked, or broken, or rarely, it may break free from the abutment that attaches it to the metal post implanted in your jaw. In other cases, poor brushing or flossing techniques or infrequent visits to the dentist may allow gum disease to occur. The bacteria that cause gum disease can cause the same problems with implants as they cause with natural teeth, including infection and bone loss surrounding the metal “root” or post. Left untreated, the post can become weakened and loose, and eventually, the entire implant may fall out.

How are dental restorations performed?

The technique used to repair and restore implants depends on the problem you’re experiencing. For instance, if the tooth portion of an implant is cracked, chipped, stained or damaged in some other way, the crown may be carefully removed from the metal abutment that attaches it to the post and replaced with a new crown. An impression will be used to determine the precise size and shape of the new artificial tooth, and it can be custom-tinted so it looks completely natural. When a restoration involves the metal post and if bone loss has occurred as a result of untreated gum disease, the implant may need to be removed so a bone graft can be placed to help secure the implant.

How can I avoid the need for implant restoration?

You can keep your dental implants in good shape by caring for them with proper brushing and flossing techniques and routine dental visits to look for signs of gum disease and ensure the implant is still firmly seated.

If you’re in need of dental implant restorations, call Cityview Dental Arts or book an appointment anytime using the online tool.