Inside the doors of Cityview Dental Arts in Bucktown/Wicker Park, you’ll find a unique approach to patient-centered dental care that puts YOU in charge. Our number one priority is giving you the healthy, beautiful, head-turning smile you’ve always dreamed of.

At Cityview Dental Arts, we know our first job is to listen. At your initial consultation, our attentive staff will help you develop a plan that will serve as your lifelong oral health road map. From that point on, our team of caring, highly trained doctors, hygienists, and assistants will utilize the latest dental technology and personalized care to create and maintain your gorgeous smile.

The Cityview Dental Arts office is brand new and state of the art. Inside our clean, custom-designed space, our team utilizes the latest dental technology for your health, safety and, comfort–including low-radiation digital x-rays, the ZOOM! teeth whitening system, and mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings. And with advances in sedation dentistry, we have the techniques to help calm even the most nervous dental patient. Attaining and keeping a stunning smile and good oral health requires regular attention, so call or e-mail us today to set up an appointment.


When you come to our office, it’s all about you. We only schedule one patient each hour so that our team isn’t running around the office when you need us. That means as soon as you come through our doors, you’ll always have our full and undivided attention. This will help your appointment be more relaxed, and you’ll have time to ask all the questions you like. You’ll be amazed at how different your dental experience can be when you (and us) aren’t rushed!


Our average wait time? We don’t have one because we understand just how important your time really is. As we mentioned before, we only schedule one patient each hour, and this will ensure that your appointments always start on time. Of course, we can also promise this because our team is one of the best in the business. They keep our office super-organized so by the time you come to see us, we’ll already have everything ready and waiting for you.


Dentistry is often a mystery to people. They know it’s necessary, but often, all they really know is that it can be very expensive and the experience can be less than positive! At Cityview Dental Arts, we strive to do things much differently. Dr. Bock will take the time to explain everything in a way you’ll understand—it’ll be like you have a friend that just so happens to be a dental expert. You won’t just understand what you need, but why, and you’ll never have to worry about a sales pitch.


We try to handle as much of your dental care in-house as we can, but if you need more specialized attention, we know when it’s best to send you to an expert. Our office works with a wide variety of local specialists who can help you meet even your most complicated dental needs. Thanks to these relationships, we can ensure that your smile will always get exactly what it needs.


We pride ourselves on having one of the most up-to-date offices in the entire city. We are constantly updating our facility and learning about new technology so we can better serve our patients. With the latest tools, we can provide even higher-quality care in less time and with less discomfort. In the end, whenever you come to see us, you can trust that you’re only getting the best of what dentistry has to offer.