A Timeline for Dental Implants

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Maybe you have a missing tooth, some advanced periodontal disease, or just chipped a large part of your tooth. Now you’re considering dental implants and are looking for more information. Specifically, you might be wondering: How long is it going to be until my smile is back to beautiful again?

The timeline for dental implants can be broken up into four phases: planning, placement, recovery, and restoration.

1. Planning

The first phase includes an initial consultation with Dr. Niakiani and our team. We’ll determine whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants and develop a plan to optimize your treatment, recovery, and restoration of your smile.

2. Placement

The placement phase includes the actual placement of the dental implant(s). Your personalized treatment plan may require some prep work, such as gum grafting. However, if you don’t need any preparatory work, then we’ll schedule the procedure. It usually takes around an hour to place one implant, but may take longer if you need more than one dental implant. As always, this may vary based on your case and treatment needs. (Click here to learn about dietary restrictions after receiving implants.)

3. Recovery

The recovery process can take anywhere from four to six months. During this time, your bone and gums will begin to seal around the implant. This process is known as osseointegration. We’ll schedule regular appointments to monitor your progress and ensure that your recovery is moving along as planned.

4. Restoration

Once the osseointegration process is complete, we’ll finish the restorations, often by placing a temporary and permanent restoration, while examining the efficacy of the implant along the way. The seal around the implant will become permanent, giving you a smile that’s just like new again.

Once the restoration process is complete, you’ll be ready to show off your beautiful new smile. We’ve witnessed very high dental implant success rates, so, depending on your age, you most likely will never have to worry about the affected tooth for the rest of your life.

If you have any questions about our dental implant treatments or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact our team or make an appointment and our incredible staff will give you the best dental care possible.


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