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Preventative dentistry is more than worth your while. By maintaining good oral hygiene at home, and keeping regularly scheduled preventative dentistry appointments, you can keep your mouth and body healthy.

At CityView Dental ArtsJerry Bock, DDS, provides comprehensive and compassionate dental care to patients in the Bucktown and Wicker Park areas of Chicago. Here’s what Dr. Bock recommends for his patients in terms of preventative dental care.

Keeping clean at home

The overarching goal of preventative dentistry is to maintain your optimum oral health, keeping your gums and teeth from developing serious problems, such as infection and decay. A buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria on your teeth can cause problems in your teeth and gums, and even increase your risk of heart disease.

While dentist visits are key to full preventative dental care, keeping your teeth clean and free from plaque and harmful bacteria begins at home. Care at home should consist of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day.

Using a prescription toothpaste or dental appliances, such as an electric toothbrush, can improve outcomes for some patients. Talk to Dr. Bock about the right options for you.

Keeping clean at the dentist

Dr. Bock follows the American Dental Association guidelines regarding regular preventative care appointments. Most people come into the office for a preventative checkup twice a year, but if you have certain conditions, such as periodontitis, you might need more frequent appointments to monitor your condition. Dr. Bock can help you set a schedule that best suits your unique health care needs.

When you come in for a preventative dental appointment, we’ll give your teeth a full cleaning. We’ll also review your oral hygiene routine with you and suggest ways you may be able to improve your oral hygiene regimen if needed.

For young patients, we may also provide a dental sealant if appropriate. A dental sealant is basically a liquid plastic that we paint onto the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. When it hardens, it can help prevent tooth decay. 

If we identify emerging oral health problems, such as cavities or gum problems, we’ll advise treatment depending on your condition. If the problem is in its early stages, the easier it will be to take care of the issue.

To begin your preventative dental care journey, book an appointment online or over the phone with Cityview Dental Arts today.

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