What Kind of Toothpaste is Best?

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Ever since we were little, we’ve been using toothpaste on a (hopefully) daily basis. From the starter toothpaste with pictures of Big Bird on the tube to toothpaste with fluoride and whitening agents, we’ve all used a wide variety of toothpaste brands throughout the years. But have you ever stopped and wondered, which kind of toothpaste is best?

Most kinds of toothpaste have many ingredients in common, including:

– Abrasives to remove bacteria and stains, such as calcium carbonate and silicates

– Flavorings, such as mint or artificial sweeteners

– Glycerol or other moisture retaining agents, which prevent the toothpaste from drying out

– Thickeners to give your toothpaste the proper texture

– Detergents, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which clean your teeth

While most toothpaste is very good at preventing tooth decay and enhancing your oral health, there are a few things you should look for in your next tube:

1. Fluoride

Fluoride protects your teeth from the acid that is created by the vast amount of bacteria that lives in your mouth. Over the last five decades, fluoride has been credited with preventing tooth decay for millions of people across the globe. Fluoride can also add minerals to areas that have already begun to decay, potentially restoring your teeth to past glory. Fluoride is the most important ingredient in toothpaste today, even in areas with fluoride in the water.

2. Pyrophosphate, Zinc Citrate, or Triclosan

These three chemicals are crucial for removing tartar, which is the plaque that has built up from bacteria over time. As you know, tartar can lead to advanced tooth decay, so it’s very important to remove tartar as much as possible with toothpaste.

3. Optional: Whitening Agents

Many people are looking for as much help as possible to improve the color of their teethWhitening agents in some kinds of toothpaste can provide moderate help in this area, although professional whitening treatment achieves greater results for a longer period of time.

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