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In an ideal world, patients would receive routine cleanings and hygienists and dentists would easily detect every cavity that emerged before it became a problem. However, due to a wide variety of factors, this picture doesn’t exist in reality. While it’s important for patients to come in for cleanings and x-rays on a regular basis, there are times when cavities will emerge between cleanings and treatments. There are five common signs that you might have a cavity and should schedule an appointment for an exam:

1. Bad Taste – The same bacteria that produce acid that causes cavities can also leave a bad taste in your mouth, giving you a sign that there might be something wrong.

2. Pain – A common toothache is one of the more obvious signs that a cavity might be emerging in your mouth. It’s important to visit a dentist as soon as you experience a consistent toothache before the problem gets worse.

3. Dark Spots – Dark spots around a cavity give a clear indication that you should visit a dentist immediately, as this is a late stage sign that a cavity is present.

4. Sensitivity – Tooth sensitivity increases when there’s a cavity present in the mouth, particularly when a hot or cold beverage is consumed. If tooth sensitivity continues after using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, that’s a good sign that you should make an appointment for an exam.

5. Pus – The most significant sign that a cavity is present, pus emerges when your body is fighting an infection that has occurred in the cavity. As one might imagine, infections in the mouth can cause problems ranging from fevers to swollen glands and beyond. If you notice pus in your mouth, you should make an appointment immediately before the infection becomes worse or spreads.

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