Can Any Dentist Give Me Dental Implants?

The 3 Main Parts of a Dental Implant

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While dental implants are often an excellent treatment option for patients, some may wonder whether any general dentist can give them dental implants. Dental implants are a highly specialized treatment that requires a very skilled and knowledgeable dentist with many years of experience. Though very safe for patients, the treatment is advanced and complex in nature, so choosing the right dentist is very important. That said, we believe our staff offers one of the best offices in San Diego for dental implant procedures. To be certain, we’re only one of a few offices in our area that has been offering dental implants with the same doctor in the same office for over a decade.

Why should you choose Dr. Niakiani:

Dr. Niakiani spent three years after dental school studying advanced periodontal treatment options, including guided tissue and bone regeneration, dental implants, periodontal plastic surgery, and more. She also has extensive experience offering patients quality dental implant treatments, and a variety of testimonials to back her up.


Dr. Niakiani maintains one of the most extensive dental websites in the San Diego area, offering patients a Patient Education Center and regular content to help educate patients about their oral health and treatment options. When patients stop in to see the staff, the team is helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Dr. Niakiani’s Bio:

Dr. Roya Niakiani is a specialist in periodontics, with an emphasis on implant dentistry. After earning her D.M.D. in 1994 and performing a residency at the Veterans Administration hospital in Loma Linda, Dr. Niakiani completed three years of postdoctoral periodontic studies at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. There she gained extensive experience in guided tissue and bone regeneration, mucogingival periodontal plastic surgery, implantology, osseous surgery and oral pathology. Before pursuing her education in dentistry and periodontics, Dr. Niakiani received a Bachelor of Science in biology and minor in psychology from the University of California, San Diego.

In the end, any patient receiving dental implants should be careful about choosing the right dentist and should select a dentist with many years of successful experience and the right staff and tools to perform the procedure safely and effectively.


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