What are the Benefits of Dental X-Rays?

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If you’ve visited the dentist in the last couple of years, you’ve likely experienced a dental x-ray. Given once every 1-3 years, depending on the patient, dental x-rays offer many benefits and serve an important purpose in helping dentists see potential problems between teeth, in the nerve lines, as well as around the entire jaw and mouth structure. We routinely take a variety of dental x-rays, including bitewings, periapical, and panoramic x-rays.

Watch the video below to learn what the folks at Delta Dental have to say in regards to why x-rays are done and the benefits provided by the different types of x-rays we offer.


“Did you know your dentist has a superpower? X-ray vision. The next time that you visit your dentist, x rays may help look for problems in and around your teeth, jaw, and facial bones, so let’s learn a bit more about dental x-rays. There are several types of x-rays that you may have taken as part of a dental exam. Bitewing x-rays help show the spaces between teeth so your dentist can spot decay or bone loss. Periapical x-rays show a detailed look at an entire tooth, including its roots. Panoramic x-rays give a wide view of the whole mouth, including wisdom teeth and the jaw bone. A full mouth survey is a complete set of different types of x rays that cover the entire mouth. Bitewings are the most common type of dental x rays and you can expect to have these taken every 1-3 years, depending on your oral health needs. When it’s time for your dental x-ray, your upper body will be covered to reduce your exposure to radiation. With radiation, moderation is key. Discuss any concerns you have about radiation exposure with your dental professional. Have no fear, your dentist is here, and she has the power to see where mere mortal eyes cannot.”

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