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Are you ready for it? The inevitable rush of chocolate, cookies, candy, brownies, cake, eggnog, sugary punches, and red wine that’s about to flood your senses during the next few days? We all know the reality of holiday eating, and our job here is to help you make the best choices for your teeth during the holiday season. We’re not asking you to avoid all of these incredibly delicious treats, but we hope you’ll steer clear of the following three options:

1. Caramel Corn

While regular popcorn doesn’t have sugar, it can stick between the crevices of your teeth and stay there for a long time, causing bacteria to feed on it and have a delicious meal. Add caramel to it and we have a disaster in the making on our hands. Caramel is just liquefied sugar that attracts a large number of bacteria to feed on your teeth and create acid that erodes your enamel.

2. Candy Canes

Candy canes are incredibly hard candies that are soaked with sugar. Even if you don’t chew on the candy, which may cause severe damage or chipping, the action of sucking down the sugar on a candy cane attracts plenty of bacteria ready to produce acid and corrode your teeth.

3. Sugary Holiday Beverages

Sugary holiday drinks such as eggnog, hot buttered rum, hot cocoa, and dessert wine will leave your teeth swimming in sugar-feeding bacteria, causing decay and damage. Rather than subject your teeth to such torture, try sparkling water, coffee, tea, or milk to enjoy with friends.

Want an alternative to these treats? Try soft chocolate, and choose the dark variety if you really want to be on Santa’s nice list. Or opt for these foods that are good for your teeth, or these options that help your teeth stay white. If you absolutely can’t resist any of these foods, it’s essential to brush and floss immediately after finishing these holiday treats. This will minimize the damage to your teeth, gums, and body in general.

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