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One of our favorite things to do at our practice is to educate our patients. It’s why we have an extensive Patient Education Center and implore our patients to ask questions at any point along their treatment. However, it’s often important to know which questions to ask. Here are 6 questions that you should ask us next time you stop in:

1. I’m taking low-grade aspirin for a medical issue. Is that a problem? 

Aspirin can often thin your blood, so this is especially important if you’re having any type of procedure done in which bleeding may occur.

2. What is this spot on the roof of my mouth?

Lesions in the back of the mouth or the roof of the mouth can be a sign of oral cancer. Our team is trained to catch these lesions, but you should definitely ask us about any trouble spots that you’ve noticed so that we can correctly identify and diagnose any potential problems.

3. What kind of new dental technology are you using in your office?

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining an advanced dental clinic, complete with modern amenities and the best technology available to improve your treatment outcomes. We’d love to share this with you as often as possible.

4. What recommendations do you have for my diet?

Our diets are so important and play a powerful role in the health of our mouths. We’re more than happy to recommend dietary elements that can improve your dental and overall health.

5. What is my treatment plan?

We want to communicate all details of your treatment plan to you, so please ask us any questions about any specific aspect of your dental care that you’re unsure about. We’re more than happy to help you understand everything we’ll be doing to give you the most beautiful smile possible.

6. Is there anything I should tell my doctor about?

Many health problems start in the mouth, and it’s very important to communicate with your family doctor to notify him of any problems we’ve found with your dental health.

If you have any lingering questions about your dental health or if you would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact our team or make an appointment. Our incredible staff will give you the best dental care possible.


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